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Meet the Team

Shannon Illch

From the weight room to the kitchen, Shannon Illch is a powerhouse. As the former owner of The Trashy Side clothing line and Cornerstone Nutrition, a meal prep delivery and catering business, she has a talent for recognizing a business demand and fulfilling it with her own little twist of what she calls, “Rustic Chic”. She is also an NPC bikini and figure competitor as well as a Florida state powerlifting record holder.   


In addition to her expertise as a business owner, Shannon is professionally creative and creates businesses around her passion. In this instance, she morphed her love of the catering industry with her love of working on vintage trucks with her husband. 


In the words of her husband, Joel, “She will succeed at anything she does or tries, except for the ukulele.” 

Chef Ryan Kelly

From the prestigious Culinary Institute of America to becoming the Executive Chef at Bascom’s Chop House in Clearwater, this Florida native has a 30 year history as a professional chef. Chef Ryan Kelly has worked directly with close friend, Roy Yamaguchi and other top-rated chefs around the country. In addition, he was featured on Food Networks #1 rated show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. 


Chef Ryan’s local experience includes The Avenue Eat & Drink in St Pete, Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor and a 10 year history at Roy’s in Sarasota. He was also the Executive Chef for Cornerstone Nutrition, where he was known and appreciated for his talent in creating savory and delicious healthy meals and catering fare. 


Chef Ryan Kelly is described as, "hard working, creative, a great dad, and someone who is always laughing."

Joel Illch

Joel Illch is an artistic force. In addition to making a living in the arts for the last 31 years, he’s also a partner in Aero Diversified Sales, a shipping container sales and modification business. His artistic skillset ranges from customizing shipping containers into functional homes to fabricating a bar from an old GMC COE truck and engraving flasks and firearms into pieces of art.  


Joel is a skilled artisan, master fabricator, welder, jack of all trades, he’s also your friendly bartender. 


In the words of his wife, Shannon, “He’s wildly creative and genuine. He’s the Magic Man.” 

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